Some of the free reports going around online nowadays are a little “underwhelming”.

The person talks it up like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and then it’s like something scribbled on a napkin in under five minutes.

Or it doesn’t contain anything that the receiver can put into action in their business.

I get that it’s tough to share everything one needs in a small, free resource – but I’ve always held the view that they should at least contain something of value in exchange for the person giving their time (and email address) for it.

This week I’ve been talking up the “Building Your Million Dollar Referral System” report that Referral Marketing Guru has released, and I’ve gotten great feedback from those who have read it.

This 13 page report will get you thinking deeper about referral marketing and give you ideas about how to get more referrals into your business.

If you’d like to grab your free copy, you can do so by heading here:

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