No inflation here!

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Blog

Call me Captain Obvious, but inflation is getting a little crazy nowadays …

Every time I go to the grocery store to get “just a few things”, it ends up being 100 bucks or more – and that doesn’t even get that much food!

For example, the other day I bought a couple Honeycrisp apples and they were almost $15. I know that Honeycrisp is an expensive type of apple, but that’s kinda crazy!

And don’t get me started on how much the gas prices have gone up over the last year – I drive a lot, and I’ve noticed that jump every time I fill up.

So inflation is very real, but one thing that won’t have any price increases is my Secret Coach Club.

Even better, I’m currently running a special Black Friday sale where you can get a one year subscription for just $497 (50% off the regular price of $997/year) that’s locked in forever! So your special price will be grandfathered and never go up …

That means you can use what you learn inside each issue without worrying about annoying price increases!

The deadline to take advantage of this deal is Tuesday, November 30th at midnight EST and you can do so here:

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