Discovery calls can be a tricky thing for coaches.

You want to help the person on the other line, but if you’re not careful they can become a one hour (or longer) free coaching call or brain-picking session.

You could knock their socks off, and have them decide at the end of the call: “That was great, that gives me enough to do it on my own!” – even though you know they’ll need more than that.

In my opinion, the purpose of a discovery call (or enrollment call, or whatever you calls yours) is to determine if you’re a good fit to work together.

That’s it.

I’m not suggesting that the call should be a heavy sales pitch that gives no value whatsoever to the prospect.

Some coaches hear me say “no free coaching” and they think they can’t help the person in any way.

I’ve done tons of these calls over the last five years, and I like to think that the other person always got value, even the times we didn’t end up working together.

Sometimes I pointed them to a podcast episode or blog post of mine that could help.

Or I told them about a book or resource that I thought they should know about.

Other times, I wasn’t the right fit for them and gave them the name of a coach who was a better fit.

On my calls I ask questions to get a better idea of their situation, I listen, and I remember that they’re a person.

Nothing too crazy or anything to get worked up about …

If you’d like help with your discovery call process, I dedicate a module in my “10 Clients In 90 Days” program specifically to it.

In addition to sharing what’s worked for me, I include bonus interviews with coaches who have tons of such calls under their belts (hundreds or even thousands of calls) to share their wisdom.

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