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I hate editing podcasts …

I’d rather get a root canal!

When I started my Natural Born Coaches podcast back in 2014, I edited it myself for the first year.

That totalled more than 350 episodes, since it was a daily show back then, and I was ready to go to the loony bin after a year of that.

Thankfully, in 2015 my brother Matt decided to start PodAssist, a podcast editing and production service, and I gladly handed those tasks that I didn’t enjoy doing over to his team.

PodAssist has been a life-saver for me, and since then they’ve handled over 6000 podcast episodes for myself and other clients (their current client roster includes some really big name hosts like Jenna Kutcher and James Wedmore!)

They currently have two spots coming open this Fall to help new clients, so if you’d like to explore the idea of launching your very own podcast and have help from Matt and PodAssist each step of the way, or you have a show and would like to get help with tasks like editing, uploading, copy and more, you can book a call with him to see if it’s a fit (make sure to mention my name to get a special bonus for people in my community)

Here’s the link:

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