Today we hit episode #666 for the “Natural Born Coaches” podcast, and some guests might be a little hesitant to be featured on this particular episode number.

But Dennis Demori isn’t one of them.

I’ve gotten to know Dennis over the last few years, and I’ve been impressed with his blunt, brash, and no-BS style.

He isn’t easily scared, so I didn’t think he would have a problem with being a guest on episode #666.

Our interview went live today, and in this episode you’ll hear:

  • All about the three phases of target audience when creating messaging
  • Common problems and pain points that will arise
  • Obstacles, objections and the things that are preventing you from moving forward
  • What the future benefits of your campaign will be
  • The pros and cons of using staggering campaigns
  • Controlled growth planning, campaign structures, and much more!

Here’s the link to have a listen to it:

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