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by | Mar 14, 2023 | Blog

It’s overwhelming for coaches building their businesses nowadays.

You’re told to be in 177 different places to have any hope to be successful – so you can be forgiven for feeling like a Stretch Armstrong toy!

I get it …

I’m constantly having to reject jumping on the trendy platform of the day.

About two years ago it seemed like every Tom, Dick or Harry was telling me that I “had” to be on Clubhouse, but I declined (and seeing what happened with Clubhouse since, I’d say I made the right move)

The reason I’ve been able to bat away distractions and temptations is I employ a “Three Pillars” strategy.

That means I focus most of my efforts on just three things. It doesn’t mean that I don’t do other stuff, but these are the big ones that get most of my attention:

  • Podcasting (on both sides of the mic … hosting my show AND being a guest on others)
  • Community (building a thriving place to gather raving fans who become clients)
  • Daily emails (I’ve emailed this list daily for over 2500 straight days)

I’m such a believer in these three things that I created a “Triple Punch Package”, where I work 1:1 with coaches for three months to get them set up and bringing in clients with each of them.

I just opened up a select number of spots for new clients with it, and those who come on board will instantly get $4988 in bonuses as well, including:

-> Three of my digital programs: The Daily Email System, Facebook Group Gold, and the Flat Fee JV program ($1491 value)

-> A one year subscription to my “Secret Coach Club” ($997 value)

-> A 1:1 “Podcast Launch” package ($1,500 value)

-> Podcast bookings for you to guest on five shows, including an invite to come on my podcast “Natural Born Coaches” ($1,000 value)

Since this takes a lot of work on my end and is a lot of hand-holding, I’m limiting how many clients I take on for it.

And if you aren’t interested in podcasting, community-building, and daily emails then it’s not for you!

But if you think you’re a fit you can get more details by going here:

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