My opinions on two of the most common issues facing coaches today

by | May 19, 2023 | Blog

As I prepared for the launch of my new YouTube channel, I gathered up a big list of hot topics and common questions from coaches when it comes to building their businesses.

While it’s hard to rank them all since so many are equally important in my opinion, I chose two big topics to cover for my first two videos on the channel.

On Monday, I released a video showing how you can become a successful coach even if you don’t have a huge budget (that’s right, you can do it with just a few bucks a month!)

And on Wednesday, I released another video for how to choose your coaching niche, including an exercise that I do with my clients to make the whole niching process a lot easier.

Check the videos out here, and I’d appreciate you hitting “subscribe” and turning on notifications so you don’t miss anything that I’m doing on the channel!

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