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My opinion on coaches charging by the hour

by | Mar 18, 2023 | Blog

In my opinion, coaches shouldn’t structure their businesses to charge by the hour.

If you’re trying to cobble together a bunch of single sessions at x dollars/hour, you’ll either have a tough time filling them, or get burned out if you do.

Or you’ll get a potential client looking at whatever your fee is (ie: $300 an hour), and be thinking “Gee, is this coach really worth 10x what I make per hour??? I work my butt off at my job … that’s crazy!”

You don’t want to be getting a look that says “I’m in the wrong business!”

Better to go with packages.

My main package is three months, but some other coaches go with 6 months or longer.

If you’re asked by potential clients: “So, how much do you charge per hour?”, here’s how you can answer (with props to Taylor Lindstrom for this):

“I don’t charge by the hour, I charge by the awesome”

I push the coaches that I work with to increase their fees. I know they’re good at what they do, so I don’t feel bad about doing it.

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