I have an addiction:


I can’t go to the bookstore without buying an armful of them.

I can’t visit Amazon without filling my shopping cart.

I can’t go a day without reading them.

If Marie Kondo, who recommends having no more than 30 books, saw my bookcase she’d have a heart attack.

I don’t see this little obsession getting any better – if anything, it’s becoming worse the older I get!

The last few years I’ve been releasing an annual list of my favourite 10 books from the year in my Secret Coach Club newsletter (along with a nugget or two for why subscribers should be reading each of them), and I’ll be doing the same in the December issue that’s coming out soon.

The 10 books that I chose this year aren’t very well known (no “Think and Grow Rich”, “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, or “The Secret” here – but I’ve been focusing on books that aren’t very visible)

You could find a few gems on my list that become favourites of yours and greatly improve your life.

My books list and a whole lot more, including my 2020 year-in-review, will be included in December’s Secret Coach Club and you can subscribe here before the deadline (Monday, November 30th at midnight EST):


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