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Mr.Rogers and discipline

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Blog

Discipline is required to be successful.

I once read a story that Fred Rogers (Mr.Rogers) was so disciplined that he maintained an exact weight of 143 pounds for the last 30 years of his life.

How the heck could someone maintain an exact weight like that?!

Rogers said that he noticed the numbers 1-4-3 aligned with the words in the sentence “I love you” (1 letter in “I”, 4 letters in “love” and 3 letters in “you”) and that kept him on target.

A little sappy, I know …

But he gave his target weight emotional significance, and that helped him stay disciplined.

Discipline is required for coaches too – the discipline to do what has to be done to hit your goals.

One thing I do for my laser coaching clients is help them stay disciplined.

We set targets, choose action steps, and we work as a team to keep on track.

It may not be as emotionally touching as Mr.Rogers’ “I love you” thing, but it’s loving to your bank account.

A handful of 1:1 laser spots remain, and I’m closing it tomorrow night so there’s still time to get in (and there’s a cool bonus if you do).

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