I often think of coaching success in sports terms.

Successful coaches play offense (they take productive action) more than they play defense (being reactionary and easily distracted).

They’re a lot like quarterbacks in football – moving the ball down the field and pushing for a touchdown.

(Before you say anything, I know there wasn’t much scoring in last weekend’s Super Bowl …)

Non-successful coaches usually enter each day without a plan, are distracted by social media and trivial matters, or succumb to the constant lure of bright, shiny objects that hover all over the online space.

Just like an over-zealous fan shining a laser pointer in Tom Brady’s eyes to throw him off, these distractions keep them from advancing. Or they take two steps forward, and then one step back.

The problem is coaches (and all solopreneurs) are often on an island by themselves.

There’s rarely anyone to answer to and no accountability.

When mixed with the number of potential distractions floating around, it’s a recipe for disaster.

One of the reasons coaches have done well working with me is I provide accountability, and keep them on course by tracking important metrics and ensuring they focus on the things they should be focusing on.

They still have to do the work, but I keep an eye on them and make sure they’ve moving the ball down the field.

If you feel like you’ve been treading water and need some help getting into the end zone (I’m totally killing the sports analogy here), I’m freeing up some slots for strategy calls with coaches over the next week.

We’ll identify why you’re stuck, and how you can fix it to get new clients rolling into your business.

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