Since I’ve been yammering so much about the importance of podcast interviews lately, I’ve had some people of little faith doubting me.

One coach told me that she’s gone on ten podcasts in the last year, and hasn’t gotten a single client from those appearances. So maybe podcast interviews aren’t what they’re cracked up to be?


After talking with her a little longer, I realized what her problem is …

First off, ten shows isn’t enough to go on per year (I recommend doing at least 25, but ideally 50).

But most important was she didn’t have a compelling Call-to-Action in those interviews.

When I asked her about CTAs, she said that she gives her website link on-air, but no compelling reason to go.

If you’re taking the time to go on podcasts, you have to invite listeners to take the next step with you.

One way I do it is I talk up my Facebook group, The Coaching Jungle, whenever I’m being interviewed. I’ll mention all the good stuff going on in there, or how I hear from members that they get more value from it than they do from paid groups they’re in.

I don’t overly-promote my stuff since I’m there to give value to the listeners, but I definitely steer them where I want them to go to get more of my help.

In the March issue of the Secret Coach Club newsletter I’m going to teach the right way to monetize your podcast appearances, so you don’t become a frustrated guest like my friend.

Once you get your paws on it, you’ll get an instant leg up on everyone else in your marketplace.

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