(Master Class) How to Use Your Next Summit to Build a Seven Figure Business!

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Blog

If you’re thinking of running your first online summit, or you’ve done one before with disappointing results, check out the live Master Class that Tom Matzen and his team are doing soon.

They have a wealth of experience with summits, and they like to say that their strategies work even if you “can’t market your way out of a wet paper bag”! In this 3-hour deep dive Master Class you’ll learn:

Hour #1: Filling Your Summit
In the first hour they’ll discuss how to fill your summit with a tribe of thousands of ideal prospects without gambling on “Facebook Philanthropy”. This includes recruiting JV partners, creating an ambassador program, leveraging sponsors, and creating amazing Refer-A-Friend programs.

Hour #2: Running Your Summit
In the second hour they’ll share the exact steps to run an amazing summit. This includes creating your “Strategy of Preeminence”, identifying the ideal target market you want (and don’t want), your inspiring speaker recruiting plan, your tech and software. They’ll share a detailed checklist of every single item you’ll need and that’s helped them generate 152,000 attendees over dozens of summits. You’ll save dozens of hours on your next summit with the information they share with you during this hour.

Hour #3: Monetizing Your Summit
If you’re spending the time and energy on running a summit, you deserve to be well-compensated for it! The third hour is all about making a nice profit from your efforts and there’s no one better to learn from than Tom’s team. They’ll discuss how to monetize the summit itself with VIP All Access passes that actually sell, how to create a high-ticket, high-margin, and high-impact program that guarantees results, and the best way to sell that program right after your summit.

Join Tom, David Kellam, Tony Banta, and yours truly for this special Master Class on Monday, September 13th at 3 pm EST by registering here:


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