A lot of coaches struggle with generating leads and enrolling good clients.

There’s no shortage of webinars promising to give a solution to this …

But the problem I’m hearing is those webinars are usually filled with fluff and filler, and people are getting tired of them.

Well Tom Matzen, Steve Sipress, and Timon Vinke are doing something very different – a live 3-hour deep-dive “Master Class” where they deliver stuff that they should be charging for!

Here’s the overview:

Hour #1: “Strategy of Preeminence Roadmap”

The first hour they discuss the most important part of any real Lead Generation Machine – Strategy. Here they look at the Strategy of Preeminence, your Ideal Target Market, High Ticket Offers and Guaranteed Results.

Hour #2: How To Build Your Own Lead Generation Machine

Here you’ll learn the eight components they use to guarantee results for their clients, and how you can do the same.

Hour #3: How To Ensure You Get Results

The final hour is all about getting results. They share how to absolutely ensure you reach your goals, how to screen & qualify (not pursue and pitch) your prospects, how to optimize each step of your process, and how to turn your dead leads into strategic alliances and raving fans!

The Master Class is called “How To Get Ten Quality Clients In 90 Days … Even If You Can’t Market Your Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag!” and it’s happening on Tuesday, November 24th from 4 pm to 7 PM EST.

Save your seat for it here:


PS: I attended this Master Class recently and filled almost 10 pages of notes in my handy, dandy Moleskin journal … so make sure you bring a pen and paper! Here’s that link again:


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