Marc’s guide to profiting as a dictator

by | Feb 14, 2021 | Blog

Last year I read the book “How To Be a Dictator” by Frank Dikotter …

(It looks like a bunch of politicians around the world read it in 2020 too)

Although I’m not a fan of government overreach and dictatorships in real life, I am when it comes to managing Facebook groups.

If you don’t keep a handle on what’s happening inside your group, it can go sideways very quickly.

I’ve been in groups that used to be good but then the admins took their eyes off the ball and it became The Home Shopping Network on the wall.

Nothing but offers, offers, offers – and lots of junk not even related to the interests of the group.

When I launched The Coaching Jungle, I told myself that I wouldn’t let that happen.

So I, and my admins, act like dictators of small banana republics when it comes to deleting spam and rule-breaks on the wall.

We do this to keep the group from becoming “The Wild West”, and to make the members’ experience as enjoyable as possible.

Despite our enforcement of rules for group wall posts, I do allow (and encourage) my joint venture partners to promote on the wall during our campaign.

This lets them get their message out to over 20,000 members in the group (and to about 100,000 coaches in my network).

If you’d like to take advantage of this by partnering with me, I have some openings coming up for joint ventures this spring.

You can grab the details and book a call with me to discuss it here:

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