Let’s talk about baking cakes.

If you tried to make one that requires six ingredients, but you only include two or three of them, chances are it wouldn’t taste very good.

You’d probably chuck it in the garbage (or do what I do, run to Dairy Queen and get one of their yummy chocolate ice cream cakes …)

Why the talk of cake? Well later today I’ll be with Lewis and Liam (“The Coaching Masters”) for a live webinar showing the six A’s that you need for a successful coaching business.

You might already have a few of these A’s in place, but without all of them your business won’t be as good as it should be.

Join us as they do a walk through of all “ingredients”, and also give a detailed case study of one of their clients who used them to build a successful coaching business while still keeping her job in the corporate world.

It’s happening today at 6 pm EST, and here’s the link to register for it:


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