Every year I go on a ton of podcasts and radio shows to be interviewed (upwards of 100 per year).

Just this week I’ve gone on five, and next week I have another four interviews booked.

Why do I do it?

Yes, it takes up time but for me it’s a no-brainer …

It costs me $0 to do it, and it gets me in front of a lot of people who didn’t know me before.

I don’t have to worry about editing and uploading the show either, since the host handles that.

It builds credibility, and people who hear me on those shows reach out to inquire about hiring me.

In a nutshell, it gets me more clients and customers – and that’s good for business.

Guest interviews are powerful, but they’re not easy to book.

Lots of coaches can get on a show here or there, but struggle to do it consistently. Being interviewed occasionally is better than nothing, but it’s not ideal.

You need to be consistently getting out on shows to get the kind of traction that I know you want (I’d recommend a minimum of two interviews per month, and more if at all possible).

Since March marks the one year anniversary of my Secret Coach Club newsletter, and since this is something that’s so important for your business, I decided to dedicate the entire issue to helping you get booked on more podcasts.

I’m going to break down exactly what I’ve been doing to get booked on so many shows since 2014, and how I monetize those appearances.

I just finished writing the issue, and I think it’s one of the best that I’ve ever done (I even had to push it to 20 pages from the usual 16 … there was a lot to pack in there).

If you’d like to reserve your copy, head over here:


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