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You’ve probably seen a lot of stuff lately about Christian Mickelsen’s Free Sessions That Sell program.

“Big Players” like Christian ask their peers and partners to tell everyone about their program at the same time to generate some buzz.

And the people promoting them will often include big ethical bribes or bonuses for you to sign up with their link.

But the best bonus package I’ve seen is from my friend and frequent joint venture partner Rob Goyette …

Rob is one of the most genuine (and well-connected) people I’ve met online, and he goes over and above when it comes to bonuses for his programs.

Here’s an email that Rob recently sent re: Christian’s program, and he’s making it a no-brainer to join!


“Thanks to everyone who signed up right away for Christian Mickelsen’s Free Sessions That Sell Program and used my link (https://robgoyette.com/christian/).

We’re doing really well on Christian’s launch leaderboard among some big players!

I’m so grateful to you that I’ve decided to add in yet another bonus to thank those who signed up and give you another reason to “go for it” and Get Christian’s Program!

If you sign up for Christian’s program and use my link (https://robgoyette.com/christian/) – I’ll send you these thank you bonuses:

(Note: If you’d rather see me explain your bonuses in a video, you can go to http://GetRobsBonuses.com)

[ROB PROMOTES YOU] I’ll promote you to my list! That’s right! On November 28th AND 29th, I’ll share your offer in 2 emails that go out to my list, and I’ll “bribe” my audience to say yes to you! Your offer will be listed in one of several categories and the people on my list who want your offer can click your link to go and sign up with you! You don’t need to pay me any affiliate commissions. You can use this to get free sessions, build your list, or sell something. I’ll give you clear instructions on how to make your offer as attractive as possible and tell you exactly what I need from you and when. My list is over 20,000 (mostly) coaches and I’d love to introduce you to them!

[CRITICAL] One year of mindset laser coaching with Nina Cooke! I give Nina credit for my business hitting my first $30K month, $40K month, and $70K month. I later hired her for the very same program you’re getting and did over a million in sales. Once you let Nina uncover and remove your limiting beliefs, amazing things can happen in your business and you’ll get her for an entire year!

[HANG OUT WITH ME AND CHRISTIAN] A two-day live mastermind with me in San Diego including a 2-Hour Guest Appearance by Christian! Plus a virtual version of this after the live mastermind in case you cannot attend. I’ll help you any way I can with marketing, strategy, technology, contacts, and vision for your business. You’ll also get to meet the other awesome people in the mastermind. And if you can make it to San Diego, you’ll get to meet and connect with Christian in person!

[INCREDIBLE] $2,000 “Rob Bucks” that you can use toward any of my programs. It’s like getting Christian’s program for free! You can use your Rob Bucks any way you like! You can use them toward a VIP Week in Puerto Rico with me where we set up your automated webinar marketing funnel, any existing or future courses I offer, time with me or members on my team – whatever you like!

[LASER COACHING FOR ONE YEAR] One year of laser coaching with Master Coach Toria on my team. Toria will coach you to create your complete automated marketing funnel online including building and nurturing a big email list, creating your automated webinar, positioning laser coaching as a main offer, upsell, and downsell, selling anything to your list via email, and MUCH MORE.

[IN YOUR CORNER AND ON YOUR SIDE] 5 Years (240 Calls) of Hot-Seat Group Coaching through my Radical Results Mastermind Platinum program! That’s right, for the next five years, you’ll be able to come to any of our hot-seat coaching calls and get help on marketing, technology, and strategy! These calls are held the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 10am and 6pm Eastern (4 calls X 12 months X 5 years = 240 calls) and you can attend as many as you like to get support! People love these calls and leave feeling inspired and excited to take action.

[ALL MY BEST COURSES] You’ll get all my best stuff to help your business – if you don’t yet own it, it’s yours: Fast Revenue Coaching (15 minute laser coaching model), Automate Your Webinars (create and sell your programs via automated webinar), Fast Revenue Copywriting (build and nurture a huge list), Fast Revenue VIDEO Coaching (the model that lets you coach via email), Big Revenue VIP Weekends (how to sell and deliver high-ticket weekends), Big Revenue Masterminds (peace of mind revenue by moderating groups), Big Revenue Joint Ventures (find and recruit JV partners even if you don’t have a list), My Flagship Course (create and sell your online course for passive income), Big Revenue Giveaways (network with JV Partners and build a huge list), Big Revenue Launches (run product launches for your programs), Big Revenue Leverage (leverage people, assets, and technology to free up your time), VIP Weekend in a Box (go through the same process that people have paid $5K-$10K get), Big Revenue Masterminds (create ‘peace of mind’ revenue by moderating groups), and Watch Me Build A Business (see me set up a shopping cart system from scratch to understand the technology). When you need results in your business, my very best stuff is just a few clicks away.

[Fill Your Calendar] 1 Year of Unlimited 15-minute “FAST REVENUE STRATEGY SESSIONS” Laser Coaching with coach Scott on my team. Scott will help you fill your calendar with strategy sessions so that you can easily enroll clients on Zoom calls. Your coaching includes: confirming your niche, creating your own results model, setting up your calendar and scheduler, finding your ideal audience, collecting prospects to invite, building trust with them, and proven ways to help prospects have a free session with you. You’ll get homework on each call and as soon as you’ve done your homework, you can schedule your next coaching session – truly unlimited coaching!

[ROB AS YOUR STRATEGIST] Five one-hour strategy calls with me that don’t expire! Keep these in your back pocket for when you need them. You’ll get a link to my calendar and can have five of these powerful, focused, 60-minute calls with me. People pay $375/hour (on sale) to spend an hour on the phone with me, and you’ll get 5 of these sessions to use any time you wish.

[GET IT DONE] Five full years in my incredible “Power Hour” program! This is the most powerful thing I’ve ever done in my own business, and you’re invited to make amazing progress in your business as well! We meet Sunday – Thursday every day at 5:00PM Eastern, share what we’re going to work on, and then meet at the top of the next hour to celebrate our progress. PLUS, you’ll get access to my network of Power Hour hosts so that you can attend even more sessions and show up when you’re ready to ROCK! And now… bring your assistant for free (hint: this is powerful)!

[CREATE YOUR ONLINE COURSE] This is a bonus I’ve never offered before! You can create, teach, and record a 3-part course for my audience. I’m going to put you in front of all my customers and best prospects (over 4,600) and you can lead a series of three 90-minute calls over a 3-week period. You’re welcome to offer your free session on the calls, and you can take the recordings and package them into an online course that you can sell or use as a bonus in your business (this is how I’ve created most of my online courses)!

[BUILD WEALTH] This program will give you everything you need to MAKE more money while making a bigger difference through your coaching. I also want to support you to GROW your money and get it working hard for you so you’re set up to be financially secure for the rest of your life. Penelope Jane Smith has kindly offered to let me give you a free ticket (which sells for $497 on her website) to her Financial Freedom 101 Online 3-Day Event. In just 3 days, you’ll get the tools to become financially free forever!

[CREATE AND HOST YOUR AUTOMATED WEBINAR] Automated webinars are a 24/7 dream come true to teach great content and make irresistible offers. I’ve generated over $785,000 by selling an online course with just one automated webinar, and I’d like to help you do the same! I’ll send you script templates for free sessions, laser coaching, online courses, and vip weekends and work with you on creating your powerful automated webinar – I’ll even host it for free, so there’s no software for you to buy. We will optimize your script, I’ll have my team create your slides and create the video, then we’ll take your webinar and get it online for almost passive-income!

What’s all this worth? I’d say easily $100,000 (Nina’s mindset coaching alone was worth over a million to me) if it means you’ll use my programs and support to run your business in 2022 and beyond). Let me promote you to my list, master your mindset with Nina, hang out with me and Christian, create your marketing funnel, create your online course, sell on autopilot with your automated webinar, fill your calendar with free sessions, build wealth, carve out the time to make things happen in the power hour, get an amazing amount of support, and so much more!

All you have to do is Sign Up With Christian (https://robgoyette.com/christian/), send me your receipt, and I’ll send you immediate access to your bonuses once he confirms that I’ve received credit for your signup.

Thanks for trusting me to recommend Christian’s program to you. You rock!


P.S. I was on Christian’s team for 7 years (and we’ve been friends since before he “made it big”). Christian knows how to help you sign up clients for $5,000-$100,000 and he’s teaching you his secrets in his Free Sessions That Sell program.

Click here to register for Christian’s program and get my insane $100,000 bonus package for free (https://robgoyette.com/christian/)


Ok, back to me – I hope you’re inspired to take some action and grow your business with these two superstars!

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