The new year is here, and a lot of coaches have set big goals for 2021.

One of the popular ones is to build a seven figure coaching business …

While I’m all for aiming high (as the quote goes; “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”), it’s impossible to hit seven figures without a consistent stream of quality leads coming in that convert.

With this in mind, my partners Tom Matzen, Timon Vinke, and Steve Sipress are doing another live Master Class to help coaches hit that goal.

It’s called “How To Build a Seven Figure Business Coaching Enterprise, Even If You Can’t Market Your Way Out of a Wet Paper Bag”, and it’s a three hour, deep-dive that will show you:

Why Being A Business Coach “Sucks”:

In hour #1 you’ll see why most business coaches struggle to get the income and impact they desire, along with three strategic ways to permanently reverse this.

Your Seven Figure Business Model

In the second hour you’ll learn Tom’s exact seven figure model so you can save yourself time and energy trying to figure it all out yourself (they’ll work with one business coach live to show this …)

Guaranteeing Your Success

In the third hour they’re going to show why most entrepreneurs fail to achieve their goals, and how to ensure you beat the odds.

I’ve been on a number of their Master Classes, and I know you’re going to walk away with lots of golden nuggets – so bring a pen and paper!

It’s happening on Monday, January 18th at 4 pm EST and you can reserve your seat here:

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