I admit it – sometimes I get angry.

Anger can be useful, as long as it doesn’t go too far and you become bitter and useless.

When used in moderation, and at the right time, anger can be powerful.

Look at the Star Wars flicks (there are tons of business lessons in them, at least in the original trilogy …)

In “The Empire Strikes Back”, Luke Skywalker played the nice guy and got his hand chopped off by his daddy Darth Vader.

But in the next movie, “Return of the Jedi”, Darth made the mistake of taunting Luke and threatening his sister.

Once Luke got pissed and channeled the dark side, he became very powerful and was able to beat Vader AND The Emperor (two of the baddest guys in the galaxy.)

If it worked a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – but can it work on Earth in 2020?

You betcha.

A podcast guest once gave me valuable advice on how to use anger for motivation. She said that if you really want to follow through and complete something, do this:

Step #1) Cut a cheque for a big enough total that it would hurt to lose it.

Step #2) Make it out to a person, organization or a cause that you detest.

Step #3) Give that cheque to a friend.

Step #4) Tell that friend that if you don’t complete (your goal) by (the deadline), to give that cheque to the person/organization/cause that makes your skin crawl.

So for example, let’s say that you want to finish writing your book by the end of this year. If you can’t stand a certain politician, write a cheque to their campaign.

If you hate that politician with a passion, odds are that you’ll finish your book, right? If not, you’ve just gotten that politician one step closer to winning office.

Does that make you angry? Good!

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