Since copywriting is a great skill for coaches to have, I’ve spent a lot of time studying it over the years.

My favourite copywriter is the late, great “Prince of Print”, Gary Halbert.

I enjoy his stuff so much that I killed a small forest printing up 1200 pages of his old newsletter, and I try to read his book “The Boron Letters” at least once a year.

“The Boron Letters” is an interesting book because it’s a collection of letters that he sent while in prison to his (then teenage) son Bond. The letters were full of not only copywriting and direct marketing golden nuggets, but valuable life lessons as well.

Since Halbert’s stuff has had such as impression on me, it was a big thrill to have Bond Halbert on Natural Born Coaches today.

Bond learned from the master, and he’s a brilliant copywriter in his own right.

He shared lots of personal insights about his father and advice for coaches in this interview. You can listen to it here:

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