Yesterday I talked about legacy, but there’s an important thing to remember while building yours:

Don’t lose sight of what’s going on right in front of you!

I’ve worked with plenty of coaches who have big goals for the future … they dreamed about their 10, 20 and 30 year ones and about how many people they will help then, how large their teams will be, the size of the crowds they will speak in front of, how many offices they will have around the world, etc.

But they sometimes spent more time looking to the horizon than focusing on what they had to do that week to keep the ball rolling.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for having a big mission and a desire to build a legacy that lasts. Those things give you the fuel to keep going through the inevitable ups and downs that come with building a business …

BUT (yes, it’s a big “but”) don’t neglect the small actions that you need to take right now.

Those aren’t always sexy or exciting, but as Darren Hardy wrote about in “The Compound Effect”, they can snowball and turn into something really cool (pun intended).

Ideally you’ll have the long-term legacy goals that propel you PLUS weekly goals to get there.

That’s why we focus a lot on weekly goals in The Coaching Jungle Mastermind. On every call, members set one goal that they’ll achieve before the next week’s call, and report back to the group on how they did with it.

If you could use more accountability with setting and sticking to weekly goals, TCJMM could be for you.

You can apply here:

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