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by | Sep 12, 2021 | Blog

We’re just one day away from Tom Matzen and team’s live Master Class around online summits!

It’s called “How to Use Your Next Summit to Build a Seven Figure Business … Even If You Can’t Market Your Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag”, and here’s what some past attendees had to say:

“Great Master Class with value. I enjoyed the training as it is appreciable to have people who know what they are talking about. So many trainings out there are a waste of time with coaches who don’t deliver or seem to be discovering the wheel. Today wasn’t the case, Tom and David shared good content and I would love to work with them” – Mailys Gatimel

“Excellent Masterclass. I have attended many of the top Masterclasses and this was one of the best. Great content and delivered with an enthusiasm that made the 3 hours fly by and wishing for more. Thanks for caring! ” – Russell Dawe

“I attended a masterclass from the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute and it was chock full of great information and insight. David and Tom are incredible instructors and no question was off the table. They truly poured everything into it and I learned so much that I can implement in my business …” – Holly Mthethwa

These guys have run dozens of summits with over 152,000 attendees in total, so they know what they’re talking about …

We start tomorrow (Monday, September 13th) at 3 pm EST and you can register for it here:


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