Over the years I’ve had a lot of coaches whine to me about “competition” in the coaching space:

“But Marc, there are too many coaches out there!”

(It hasn’t gotten any better since COVID hit, with more people rushing in to become coaches …)

Actually, there’s very little competition.

At first glance it looks like there is.

It seems like every Tom, Dick, or Harry is a coach.

You can’t turn around anywhere online without bumping into one.

But how many of those coaches are serious about their businesses?

In my estimation, only about 20% of online entrepreneurs (including coaches) are serious ones – and that number could even be generous.

The rest are “wantrepreneurs” – they may have a website, a Facebook fan page, and play around a little bit online. However, they don’t treat their businesses like a real business.

Back in the “old days” (pre-Internet), it cost a lot of money to start a business. You had to lease office space, buy furniture for it, hire staff and pay for expensive advertising.

These expenses kept most people out of the game.

Nowadays, anyone with 15 bucks can grab a domain from GoDaddy, set up a workspace at the kitchen table and they’re off to the races.

Don’t get me wrong – I like that the barrier to entry for entrepreneurship has been lowered. I think that’s a good thing (overall), but it explains why it looks like there’s so much competition out there in 2021.

Now for the good news:

I’ve found that if you put your head down, work hard on your business every day and take it seriously you can leapfrog the “competition” and get into the 20% of serious coaches in a relatively short period of time.

If that sounds like you, you’d probably enjoy the Master Class that Tom Matzen, Timon Vinke and Steve Sipress are doing next Monday, January 18th at 4 pm EST.

In it, they’re laying out a solid game plan for leapfrogging your “competition” and eventually hitting 7-figures for your coaching business.

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