Last call for August’s Secret Coach Club!

by | Jul 31, 2022 | Blog

The August issue of Secret Coach Club heads to the printer in just a few hours, and inside this one you’ll find:

How The Heck Do You Get More Podcast Interview Bookings???:

  • If you want to get booked on 50, 100, or even more podcasts per year, you don’t have to hire a booking agency. It just takes consistent action doing things that work, and I share how I get booked on that many shows organically on pages 1 to 11. This includes something every entrepreneur should have on their websites (but few do), how to make it tempting for hosts to book you and a bunch of (completely free) things you can start doing today to get on more shows …

How To Handle Freebie Seekers:

  • There are lots of freebie seekers floating around online, and on pages 11 and 12 you’ll learn three things you can do to bat away those who aren’t looking to open their wallets and pay you, while attracting the ones who will!

Focus On What You CAN Control, Not on What You CAN’T Control:

  • I’m all for setting goals, but a lot of people are going about it the wrong way. I riff on this subject in more detail on pages 12 to 14 and share a bulletproof solution …

Don’t Wait!

  • A few months back, someone asked me when he should launch his podcast. The advice I shared is applicable for launching anything, and I summarize it on pages 14 and 15 ….

Marc’s Musings

  • I’ve been mixing it up and reading more fiction and non-business/personal development books this summer, and in my “Marc’s Musings” section I share two of them that I’ve really enjoyed (one is a novel, the other is a true crime classic that sheds a lot of light on human behaviour and can be used to improve your business!)

The deadline to subscribe is tonight at midnight (EST). Join the club here:

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