Kids need help now

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Blog

It’s been a rough year for children.

They’ve been confined to their homes …

They’re not allowed to socialize with friends …

Their activities are cancelled …

They’ve been taken out of school (or forced to wear masks all day if their schools are even open).

Families are breaking up and youth suicides are shooting through the roof.

If there was ever a time that kids could use help, this is it.

Renaye Thornborrow and her company, Adventures In Wisdom, have been busy during the lockdowns providing life coaching for children.

While I’ve been frustrated at the actions of politicians around the world over the past 12+ months, I’m happy to see organizations like Renaye’s stepping in to fix the mess that they’ve made.

Renaye is doing a live training next week where in just one hour you’ll learn essential mindset skills and activities you can use immediately to help kids build skills for self-esteem.

If you’re a coach, aspiring coach, or a concerned parent you should be there!

It’s happening on Thursday, April 8th at 1 pm EST and you can save your seat for it here:

PS: all ICF coaches who attend live can earn one Coach Continuing Education Credit (Core Competency). Here’s that link again:

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