Just as an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an hour a day keeps your competitors away.

We started doing a Book-of-the-Month thing in The Coaching Jungle, and the first one chosen was “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma.

While I can’t say that I liked everything about the book – it was cheesy at times and didn’t flow very well – it had some good ideas in it.

One was that you should devote an hour a day to learning about a specific subject.

That could be by reading a book, watching videos, or consuming an online program about it.

An hour a day doesn’t sound like much, but that’s 365 hours of learning in a year … and a lot of hours compounded over a lifetime.

Spending an hour on growth beats mindlessly scrolling Facebook or zoning out on Netflix.

If you’re willing to spend an hour learning valuable stuff, I’m doing a live training with Michael Praver from Business Coach Funding tomorrow that fits the bill.

I’ve had a sneak peek at it, and Michael’s going to be sharing a lot during that hour.

Invest an hour and you could be rewarded with a lot of clients.

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