Successful coaches have superpowers.

I don’t mean x-ray vision, super-strength, or flight, although those would be pretty cool.

And they aren’t wearing spandex suits, capes, or masks and fighting crime in their cities.

I mean they have certain things that they do really well and that their success can be credited to.

After interviewing over 600 coaches for the “Natural Born Coaches” podcast since 2014, working directly with hundreds of coaches (and talking with thousands in total over the years), I’ve identified three main “superpowers” that the successful ones in the industry possess that keeps their client rosters filled.

By the way, these coaches would be the first to admit that they aren’t anything special (they’ve told me as much …).

And they weren’t born with these gifts, nor did it take 50 years to develop them. They put their pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.

So these skills can be developed – but the tricky thing is knowing what they are exactly.

I’m sharing these superpowers and how you can develop yours in a special training called “The 3 Superpowers Of Successful Coaches”.

I’ve been holed up in my Fortress of Solitude working away on it, and it just went live today.

You can watch it right away, and you won’t even have to be bit by a radioactive spider to benefit from it:

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