Does it feel like your coaching business is stuck in quicksand at the moment and not moving as fast as you’d like?

I’m putting together something new I call “Coach Sprint”, which will be a 4-week program where I work directly with a handful (maximum 6 coaches) to get them unstuck, making offers, and sales.

It starts this month, and In our time together you’ll:

  • Identify and commit to a saleable offer that you feel good about
  • Push past any blocks that you have about being visible in your marketplace
  • Learn my system for getting content created quickly and without stress (this is the same system that I’ve used since 2014 to stay top of mind with my prospects!)
  • Get over any fear and hesitation about selling
  • Receive accountability to ensure you’re doing what you have to do every single day (I’ll be watching and tracking the important metrics on my spreadsheet).

We’ll meet on weekly Zoom calls, and there’ll be support between our calls in Slack. Once the spots are filled we’ll nail down the day/time for the calls to fit everyone’s schedule.

I’m calling it “Coach Sprint” because it’s fast and action-oriented, and it’s not for procrastinators or those who want to hide in the shadows any longer.

If you’d like one of the spots, or to get more information, lace up your sneakers and sprint over here:

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