JustinStenstromPromoI was recently a guest on my friend Justin Stenstrom’s show, and I shared the following:

  • Where to start when it comes to coaching others online
  • Why so many entrepreneurs are doing things wrong when it comes to online coaching
  • Which platforms are best for online coaching
  • How Marc became a coach to online coaches and is able to teach them how to be more effective in their businesses
  • Why Marc writes a daily email and what this can do for your business
  • The very effective writing style that Marc uses and why he recommends it to others
  • Why Marc caps his coaching to a certain number and won’t go over it
  • Building up a community of very close fans and followers
  • The power of Facebook groups and how to get clients from them
  • Leveraging your coaching online and making more money
  • Why Marc loves coaching in small groups and what this does for his time and profit
  • Why Marc only keeps students on his coaching program for a few months
  • How to charge top dollar for your expertise and make more money coaching the same amount of clients online
  • Marc’s best tip for online coaching success

You can listen to the interview here:


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