The deadline for the August issue of my Secret Coach Club hard copy newsletter is fast approaching, and it’s going to be a juicy one to finish off the summer!

Inside, I’m teaching:

  • Three simple (and free!) ways to get yourself booked as a guest on a whole bunch of podcasts (these are the same things I do to get booked on 50 to 100 shows every year)
  • A method I use to crank out one week of content easily (you can use this to create multiple weeks, or even months, of content if you’d like)
  • A “Jedi Mind Trick” you can use to ensure you consistently do the tasks you need to do to move the needle for your coaching business (this nifty little secret explains how I’ve been able to release almost 700 podcast episodes and 1500+ straight days of daily emails without missing a single day …)
  • Something that coaches can learn from cheesy “pick up artists” (stay with me because this can be extremely profitable – I include examples of two coaching friends of mine who have built very successful businesses using a PUA technique)


  • in my monthly “Marc’s Musings” section, I share a story about an employee at a local business who recently yelled and threw something at me (how’s that for customer service???), and the valuable lesson that coaches can take from this awkward incident.
  • Finally, I’m including a bonus transcript of an interview that I did with Michael Griffiths of Referral Marketing Guru, where he teaches about Red, Yellow, and Green Prospects and how to skyrocket your sales with these traffic light colours.

It goes to print soon, so the deadline to get your paws on it is Friday, July 31st at midnight EST (then it’s gone forever). Grab yours here:

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