Spoiler alert:

There are more than a few “fake experts” floating around the online space.

They are the people who read a few books/watch some videos on a subject, or take a course over a weekend and then suddenly proclaim to the world that they’re the best and you should buy whatever it is they’re selling.

When I invest in products and services I look at the person making the offer, and make sure they’ve actually delivered on what they’re promising.

One person who is the “real deal” regarding YouTube ads is Aleric Heck.

Besides building a YouTube channel with almost half a million subscribers, he’s helped hundreds of clients generate 8-figures+ in revenue with YouTube ads through his company, AdOutreach.

If you’d like to learn about YouTube ads from an expert, Aleric will be hosting a live training on Thursday, August 6th at 1 pm EST.

This training is full of stuff you can put into action right away, and Aleric will be sticking around to answer any and all questions about YouTube ads after it.

You can register for the training (and the replay, if you can’t make it live) by racing over here:


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