Here are a few things to get your week started on the right foot:

First, I’m one of the 5 people being interviewed for a “mini-summit” that Kae Wagner is doing around important ways that you can get business on Facebook.

I’ll be sharing how to monetize Facebook groups, but there are others talking about Facebook ads, Facebook “mini bots”, Facebook Lives, and Facebook polls and quizzes.

Here’s the link for it:

Next, a brand new episode of Natural Born Coaches was just released and I had happiness expert Sean Webb on the show. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How our human minds work and the way that Sean built his business around this concept
  • What to do to start turning down your negativity, while hacking your own mind
  • Why expanding your sense of self begins by implementing distance between you and your mind
  • Tips and strategies for changing the minds of your client base
  • How Sean thinks social media is impacting the minds of its users

You can listen to the episode here:

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