I’m not telling you this to impress you, but to *impress upon* you …

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Blog

One of my pet peeves in the online space is when someone says:

“I’m telling you this not to impress you, but impress upon you …”

This comes right after they brag about how many millions/billions of dollars they’ve made, mansions/supercars/yachts they own, or celebrity friends they supposedly pal around with:

Yeah right …

But I have to apologize in advance, since I’m throwing my annoyance at that phrase out the window and using it here!

This week I’m putting the word out about my Triple Punch Package, where I’ll work with you 1:1 to build a profitable podcast, an engaged community, and a thriving email list for your coaching business (that’s where the “Triple” Punch comes from)

Why should you consider working with me? Well this is where the whole “impress” thing comes in …

I didn’t just roll out of bed today and declare myself an expert on these things. Since 2014 I’ve:

Released over 800 episodes of my “Natural Born Coaches” podcast, and hosted or been a guest on over 1,500 episodes in total.
Grown my Facebook group “The Coaching Jungle” to over 24,000 members without spending a single, shiny penning on advertising for it.
Emailed my list for over 2,500 straight days since I began that practice in April 2016.
I’ve learned a lot from consistently doing these things, plus teaching and helping other coaches to get the same results from theirs.

I’m currently accepting a select number of new clients into my “Triple Punch Package” and you can get the details here:


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