‘ve always been interested in the subject of fear.

I used to love watching “Fear Factor”, where contestants overcame their fears to do crazy things (like eat sheep’s eyes, or lay in a pit filled with rats).

While most people choose The Joker, my favourite Batman villain is The Scarecrow, whose main thing is about exploiting the fears of others.

And when I was a kid, I got a kick out of jumping around corners and scaring friends (I still do that occasionally).

When I work with clients nowadays, one of my main goals is uncovering what fears are holding them back.

I don’t think anyone is completely without fear – they’ve just learned to push past it.

Take Sofia Reis, for example.

When she was employed in the corporate world and thinking of starting a business, certain fears nagged at her:

She was afraid of losing her position and status (and the stable income that went with that) …

She was also afraid of what her father would think of her decision …

And she thought her friends would consider her a “loser” for not having a job.

But she managed to get past those fears, build a successful business, and help lots of others do the same.

If you’re afraid of going for it with your coaching business, Sofia will be showing a new business model on Tuesday that can help you push past them.

It’s called “Nail Your System For Consistency, Clients and Cash” and you can register for it here:


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