I’ve made no secret that I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling for online summits.

I’m not saying there aren’t good ones out there, or that they can’t work for coaches to grow their email lists and make some sales.

But here’s what I’ve been seeing with summits lately:

– the market is flooded and people are burned out from them
– the speakers are getting fewer new email subscribers from them than they were just a few years ago
– attendees don’t have time to listen to 20 or 30 interviews over a few weeks, and will listen to just the first few interviews (which sucks for the speakers who are featured near the end of the summit).
– the themes for the summits are too general (ie: a summit about making more money, or for female empowerment)
– it costs the host a lot of time and energy to organize one (I saw this first-hand when I hosted one in 2015).

I’m not the only one who is lukewarm on summits.

I recently met Barbera Aimes at a conference, and like me she also lost the lovin’ feeling for them.

But she saw some good things about summits, and she set out to create an alternative that kept the good stuff while ditching the bad.

She ended up with something she calls a “Spotcast”.

In a nutshell, a Spotcast is a mini-summit that lasts just a week, with fewer (5 or 7) speakers and a tighter topic for it.

Barbera has perfected the process … she’s getting a good number of new email subscribers from hers and is showing other online entrepreneurs how to do it.

When I heard about Spotcasts I was intrigued, so I interviewed Barbera and got it transcribed into a six page report outlining how to set up, run, and profit from a successful one.

This is valuable info, and I’ll be including it as a bonus with the January issue of the Secret Coach Club newsletter.

If you want to get the benefits of a summit by doing a heck of a lot less work, you’ll want to read it.

The deadline to get it is tomorrow at midnight (EST):


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