I love organic marketing, but there is a challenge that can pop up with it:

A stale market.

Having the same set of eyeballs on your stuff every day is great, but unless you’re consistently creating new offerings then some prospects who already bought won’t be able to buy from you again.

While I’ve had lots of repeat clients and customers, I’ve yet to have someone buy the exact same thing twice. People don’t usually do that …

One solution is to dump a ton of money into ads to reach new eyeballs.

Another is to join venture with someone who has a large following of your ideal prospects.

If your target market is coaches, I’m looking to partner with someone who’s the right fit for my people.

The “right fit” means that you must have something good that helps coaches, and it can’t be something that’s too similar to something else that I’ve promoted this year.

Those who partner with me will get:

  • an interview on the “Natural Born Coaches” podcast (15,000 downloads per month)
  • a full week of daily promotion (via email, across social media, etc)
  • three Facebook live interviews in The Coaching Jungle FB group (16,000+ members)
  • access to my “Facebook Group Gold” and “Daily Email System” digital programs for free
  • a friend for life (I’m kidding – but I have formed some great relationships with past partners …)

If you want me to get your offer in front of a fresh audience, then you can get the details/book a call with me here:


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