Last week, I spread the word about a survey that Christian Gasper put out re: coaches and online programs.

Thanks to everyone who completed it, and as promised, Christian has put together a training to help with the most common issues facing coaches around the topic.

He’s calling it “How This New Formula Built My 7-Figure Online Course Business​”, and he’s going to do it this Thursday. In it he’ll be sharing:

  • his 3 secrets to sell online courses without wasting time/money and getting nothing in return …
  • The new formula for selling online courses that doesn’t require any launches, joint ventures, or building a huge email list upfront …
  • How to sell your online course, even if you believe you don’t have the right knowledge of how and where to start, what platform to use, or even how to create a course​ …
  • How to succeed with this formula even if you don’t consider yourself as a guru or nobody knows about you yet.​

If online courses are on your mind, here’s the link to save your spot for it:

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