If Muhammad Ali was an entrepreneur in 2022

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Blog

Let’s talk about Muhammad Ali.

If Muhammad Ali was alive and an entrepreneur in 2022, I suspect he would do very well.

First, he would have no trouble gaining attention in the crowded marketplace.

He would understand that without attention (the positive AND negative kind) you won’t be successful.

During his career, he intentionally polarized the fans to build the hype (and boost ticket sales) for his fights and gave little thought to the opinions of others.

The lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep …

Next, he exuded total confidence.

He was the exact opposite of how a black boxer was expected to behave back then. In those days, they were expected to not celebrate victories or show brashness, but Ali refused to be tied down.

He declared himself “The Greatest” and “The Champion” before he even won the belt, and that got people talking and doors opening for him (I suspect that Conor McGregor studied Ali, since he did a lot of the same things to get to the top of the MMA world).

Of course Ali had to back it up in the ring, but there are plenty of talented boxers who aren’t able to gain enough attention to come close to getting a title match.

It wouldn’t be a bad investment of time to study what Ali did to achieve greatness and become the most famous man in the world.

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