Did you always send daily emails to your list?

  • Were you nervous when you started emailing your list daily?
  • Won’t people get mad and unsubscribe?
  • How do you come up with that much content for daily emails?
  • What’s the best way to tell a list that you’re going to start emailing daily?
  • How do you monetize your emails?

If you’re thinking about emailing your list daily and have these same questions, I answered all of them during an interview for the “The Brand Visibility Summit” that I’m taking part in this week.

I don’t participate in a lot of online summits nowadays, but I jumped into the pool for this one because I like what the organizers (Amanda Goldman-Petri, Jodi Sodini, and Minling Chuang) are doing in the coaching world.

(And there are 40+ smart folks sharing their advice to help people get their messages out there …)

Here’s the link to check it out:


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