If Colonel Sanders was in a mastermind

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Blog

It’s been awhile since I’ve had some Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I’ve always been inspired by the story of its founder, Colonel Sanders.

It’s crazy to think that Sanders started his chicken empire in his 60’s – he was 65 when he got his first small social security cheque and decided to travel all over the country to try to sell his recipe for chicken.

He heard rejection after rejection (reportedly over 1000 “no”s before someone bought it) …

What would most people do after a much lower number of “no”s, even 10 or 20?

Odds are they would have given up – but he carried on and eventually got a “yes”.

And the rest is history …

Kentucky Fried Chicken is now the world’s second largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s, with over 25,000 outlets in 145 countries and territories around the world.

To the best of my knowledge Sanders wasn’t part of any mastermind when he started his empire.

But if he had the support of a mastermind earlier in his life, chances are he would have gotten rolling sooner.

Maybe it wouldn’t have taken 1000 “no”‘s to get to his first “yes”?

Or maybe KFC would have leapfrogged over McDonald’s for the top spot in the fast food wars.

I guess we’ll never know …

I’m a big believer in masterminds, especially for coaches.

It gives you perspective and ideas that you wouldn’t otherwise get, and connections (plus a big boost of motivation) as well.

Masterminds also give you clarity, so you aren’t running around like a chicken with your head cut off (pun intended).

If you’re interested in starting your own mastermind and harnessing its power, check out the live Master Class that Timon Vinke and Tom Matzen are doing on Monday, October 11th by going here:


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