I once had a conversation with a client of mine who’s a fitness coach.

During our chat, he mentioned that a lot of people fail with their fitness goals because they only focus on the gym, instead of the other things that are also important to one’s health (like diet, sleep, etc).

He made the point that even if a person worked out in the gym for one hour every single day, that’s only 4% of their total time.

What they do with the other 96% of their time is going to have a big impact on their health.

They could be the most consistent gym rat in the world, but if they follow their sessions up by scarfing down a large pizza and 24 beer then the gym won’t help much.

The same goes for coaches building their businesses.

You could focus on just one thing, but if you neglect others it’ll impact your results.

When I write every issue of the Secret Coach Club hard copy newsletter, I make sure that I cover all of the bases.

There’s stuff about mindset in it, but also proven strategies for getting more coaching clients and customers.

Mindset without strategy doesn’t work, and strategy without the proper mindset doesn’t either.

I don’t want my subscribers to get just 4% of what they need, I want them to get everything.

The June issue is heading to the printer soon, and it’s a special theme issue around how to start and monetize your own podcast.

The deadline to get your mitts on it is tomorrow at midnight EST, and you can subscribe to it here:


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