Copycats aren’t uncommon in the online space.

A copycat sees someone doing well, and copies their posts as if that’s the magic solution they’ve been looking for.

The other day, a past client was telling me about a fellow coach who copied an older post of hers.

While most copycats change the words a little so their offence isn’t so blatantly obvious, her copycat posted word-for-word what she had previously written.

Even worse, she included the same image that my client used in the original post.

And the icing on the cake?

She posted it in my client’s Facebook group, so she waved it right in her face.

I’m not sure what this person’s deal is, but the whole thing was strange.

When my past client asked for my advice, I told her that I would confront the person on it and let her know that it’s not ok to plagiarize.

If the copycat asked me for advice, I would tell her that you’ll never be successful by becoming a carbon copy of someone else.

In the words of Kurt Cobain; “Do your own thing … if you copy too much, you’ll find yourself in late night cocktail lounge cover band limbo”

There’s a difference between being inspired by someone and regurgitating their exact words as if they’re your own.

If the other person’s language is different than yours, it’s going to sound pretty silly.

For example, I’m not a touchy-feely, woo-woo guy with my messaging.

It works for some coaches, and all the power to them.

But if tomorrow I suddenly prefaced my email and posts with words like “Hey beautiful!” or “Hello gorgeous”, and sprinkled in words like “manifesting” and “brilliance” it would come across as strange.

If you haven’t found your voice yet, be patient – it can take time.

The best way to do it is to consistently post and get your message out there.

That’s what coaches in my “10 Clients In 90 Days” group program do.

And we track and keep everyone accountable to remain consistent.

The next group starts up soon, and I’m capping it at just six people.

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