I recently set my business goals for 2019, and I’m stretching again this year.

(All good goals should force you to stretch, in my honest opinion).

2019 will be no different than 2018 in that I have a few important “pillars” to get clients and customers.

If I focus on those three things, I know I’ll be ok.

My three pillars are:

1) Podcasting: this is on both sides of the mic, with my Natural Born Coaches show but also being aggressive and getting out on other shows to be interviewed (I’m shooting for 100 of those this year)

2) Facebook group: the Coaching Jungle group is up to almost 16,000 members now, and I’m going to push to keep the growth (and engagement) going.

3) Email marketing (specifically daily emails): email is a big part of my business, and I’ll continue to grow that side of it (and will do more multiple-email days in 2019).

Every coach and online entrepreneur should focus on just a few pillars for their business, rather than dabbling with 100 things.

Your pillars could be different than mine – but I suggest you focus on just a few of them and do them very well.

As Jim Collins once said; “If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any”

If you want a Facebook group and daily emails to be two of your business pillars, I’m doing a special New Year’s sale today and tomorrow …

For those two days, I’m bundling two of my popular online programs – my “Daily Email System” and “Facebook Group Gold” – that will help you with those things.

Until tomorrow at midnight EST, you can get both programs for 50% of what you’d usually pay for them.

They usually sell for $794 in total ($497 + $297), and you can now get the bundle for just $397.

To grab them, head here (no promo code needed for the discount):


Here’s to a successful 2019.

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