Selling coaching can be difficult.

I’ve heard the term “like nailing Jell-O to the wall” more than once when describing the challenge.

What’s the problem?

Coaching is different than selling a physical product that people can hold in their hands.

If you’re selling a car, iPhone, or furniture, consumers can touch and feel it.

It’s easy for them to understand what they’re getting.

The same goes for done-for-you services – like book publishing or podcast editing.

In cases like those, buyers know what the outcome will be (ie: a book in their hands in 90 days, or their podcast edited and released)

But coaching is different.

As much as it has exploded in popularity in recent years, a lot of people not in the online space have no clue what it is.

That’s a shame, because they’re missing out on the benefits.

One area I see a lot of potential is with coaching entrepreneurs who own traditional, bricks and mortar businesses.

They’re not plugged into the online space 24/7 – they aren’t surfing Facebook or watching YouTube videos.

They’re busy physically working in their business every day, trying to keep things moving along and the lights on.

So the challenge is how to get these business owners to work with you and experience the benefits of coaching.

How can you nail that darn Jell-O to the wall?

Michael Praver from Business Coach Funding has discovered a great way to help coaches get their feet in the door of the clients they want to work with.

He has a unique system that will make the business coach an important part of their clients’ teams.

And by using his method, the coach will have referrals from ecstatic clients flying to them.

Michael will be outlining the system in detail during a live training that he’s doing on Thursday, January 10th at 2 pm EST.

The replay will be sent out to all who register but who can’t make it there live:

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