11 years ago, a guy started an app review channel on YouTube that eventually became the largest of its kind with almost 500,000 subscribers.

And then about five years ago he got into YouTube ads, and that really blew up …

He started a company to help others with YouTube ads, and as of today that company has helped hundreds of clients leverage the power of YouTube ads to generate a collective of over 8-figures in revenue (no typo … 8 figures!).

His name is Aleric Heck, and he’s going to be presenting a live training around YouTube ads to my community on Thursday, August 6th at 1 pm EST.

In this training he’ll be showing how you can use YouTube ads to bring in a steady stream of qualified leads into your online business.

And he’ll be sticking around to answer any questions around this topic too.

It’s called “YouTube Ads for Coaches: How to Get Coaching Clients from YouTube Ads” and if you’re looking for a unique way to get more revenue into your business, you can register here (the replay will be sent out if you can’t make it live):


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