There’s a saying that every coach should tattoo on their body, or at least commit to memory:

“Fit before fee”

It means that you work with people who are a right fit for you, and not any Tom, Dick or Harry who’s willing to pay you.

I know it’s hard to say that if you need the clients.

I understand the temptation to take on clients even when your Spidey-Senses are telling you they aren’t the right fit.

Back in the old days, I would take on pretty much anyone and justify it by telling myself that I could swing them around.

I thought that with time, I could mold them into my perfect clients.

For example, if they weren’t very motivated, I would make up for that by putting in even more energy on my end. If they were only 75% into it, I would give 125% and that would even things out.

But in time, I realized that not everyone should be a client of mine.

One day, shortly after reading Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid” and soaking in his “Red Velvet Rope” policy, I took pen to paper and outlined who my ideal client is.

I came up with the following criteria to describe my ideal client:

  • An action-taker
  • Wants to make a big impact
  • Is coachable and respects boundaries
  • Is fun to work with
  • Pays me what I’m worth

If you don’t currently have criteria written out, I recommend that you take an hour and come up with you own (chances are yours will be different than mine).

Not to get all woo woo here, but chances are you’ll start attracting the right clients once you establish criteria for who you’ll work with.

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