The other day I was talking about burnout from discovery calls, but coaches can also get burned out from 1:1 coaching sessions.

I’ve seen it happen a lot, and a number of the coaches that I’ve interviewed on my podcast have experienced it before.

There’s a reason why so many of them introduce group coaching as a way to get around it and save their time and energy.

Rob Goyette was telling me about a client of his, Mary Schiller, who was one of those coaches who was tired and burned out from doing traditional 1:1 sessions …

So she decided to try his laser coaching method, and found it was fun and rejuvenated 1:1 coaching for her.

And her clients loved it too, since it was super-focused.

She admitted that she wasn’t sure how many clients she’d get from it, especially since she opened her first one up the day after Christmas – not the ideal time to launch something.

The result was 21 new clients (she didn’t cap it at 8 like I do)!

She then launched a second one at another crappy time to do it – during the Olympics when a lot of people were focused on that … and she got 12 more people.

While laser coaching is “technically” 1:1, it doesn’t drain your energy as much because the calls are only 15 minutes instead of an hour or two.

And I’ve found that you leave those calls with more energy than you had going into them.

If you’re getting burned out from 1:1 coaching and would like to find a different way of doing it like Mary did, check out Rob’s laser coaching training here:

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