It’s not uncommon for coaches to get burned out from doing 1:1 sessions.

I’ve seen it happen often, and a lot of the guests that I’ve interviewed on my podcast have experienced it before.

Rob Goyette was telling me about a client of his, Mary Schiller, who was one of those coaches who was tired and burned out from doing traditional 1:1 sessions …

So she decided to try his laser coaching method, and found it was fun and rejuvenated 1:1 coaching for her.
And her clients loved it too, since it was super-focused.

She admitted that she wasn’t sure how many clients she’d get from it, especially since she opened her first one up the day after Christmas – not the ideal time to launch something.

The result was 21 new clients (she didn’t cap it at 8 like I do each time I offer it!)

She then launched a second one at another crappy time to do it – during the Olympics when a lot of people were focused on that … and she got 12 more people.

While laser coaching is “technically” 1:1, it doesn’t drain your energy as much because the calls are only 15 minutes instead of an hour or two.

And I’ve found that I leave those calls with more energy than I had going into them.

If you’re getting burned out from 1:1 coaching and would like to find a different way of doing it like Mary did, Rob has created a free report that shows you how to do it. Download it here:

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