Over the years I’ve had a number of clients hung up on what to name their coaching programs, and it’s been a real issue for them.

They knew who they wanted to help, and what they wanted to include in their offerings, but they were beating their heads against the wall over what to name the darn things.

In those situations, the question that inevitably arises is: “How important is the name of a program?”

While I don’t think a launch should be delayed for months while deciding on a name, I do think it’s important.

I once read a story about Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon …

In his early entrepreneurial days, he started a company that sold surf clothing – in Calgary, Alberta (Western Canada) of all places. He had a great product that was unique at the time – crazy-coloured and comfortable shorts (unlike the usual ones at the time that hugged tightly and crushed mens’ equipment).

They weren’t cheap ($100 a pair), but he was confident that men would love to wear them, if only he could get them to open their wallets and give them a try.

The problem facing Wilson was Calgary is landlocked, and it has a conservative culture with more cowboys than surfers. It’s more similar to Texas than California.

So he decided to change the name of his shorts from “surf shorts” to “BBQ shorts”. That one simple change gave guys who might feel silly buying crazy surf shorts an excuse to pull the trigger (who’s going to judge their shorts while BBQ’ing in their backyard or at the local park?).

The things sold like hot cakes in Alberta, and Wilson eventually rode a string of successes to eventually start Lululemon.

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